Four different databases (DB1, DB2, DB3 and DB4) were collected by using the following sensors/technologies:

  • DB1: low-cost optical sensor "Secure Desktop Scanner" by KeyTronic
  • DB2: low-cost capacitive sensor "TouchChip" by ST Microelectronics
  • DB3: optical sensor "DF-90" by Identicator Technology
  • DB4: synthetic fingerprint generation.

Each database is 110 fingers wide (w) and 8 impressions per finger deep (d) (880 fingerprints in all); fingers from 101 to 110 (set B) have been made available to the participants to allow parameter tuning before the submission of the algorithms; the benchmark is then constituted by fingers numbered from 1 to 100 (set A).

Sensor Type Image Size Set A (wxd) Set B (wxd) Resolution
DB1 Low-cost Optical Sensor 300x300 100x8 10x8 500 dpi
DB2 Low-cost Capacitive Sensor 256x364 100x8 10x8 500 dpi
DB3 Optical Sensor 448x478 100x8 10x8 500 dpi
DB4 Synthetic Generator 240x320 100x8 10x8 about 500 dpi

The following figure shows a sample image from each database:

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