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The full FVC2000, FVC2002 and FVC2004 databases are available with the:
Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition (Third Edition)
D. Maltoni, D. Maio, A. K. Jain, J. Feng
Springer, 2022.

The files are attached to the chapter 4 and they can be downloaded from the following link.
FVC2000 Technical Report (1.2MB) - A detailed report summarizing FVC2000 protocol and results. (5.4MB) - Set "B" of Database 1 (5.3MB) - Set "B" of Database 2 (13.2MB) - Set "B" of Database 3 (3.1MB) - Set "B" of Database 4
Sample source code (4.4KB) - contains C-language skeletons for FVC2000-compliant ENROLL and MATCH programs.

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