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view larger image The full FVC2000, FVC2002, and FVC2004 databases are available in the DVD included in:
Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition (Second Edition)
D. Maltoni, D. Maio, A.K. Jain, S. Prabhakar
Springer, London, 2009.
FVC2004 Call for Participation (PDF format)
FVC2004 Call for Participation (Word format)
Sample source code - contains C-language skeletons for FVC2004-compliant ENROLL and MATCH programs
Sample participant algorithm - contains C-language source code of a FVC2004-compliant dummy algorithm
FvcCheckMemTime utility - contains an utility program that can be used to check memory and time requirements. (4.5MB) - Set "B" of Database 1 (10.0MB) - Set "B" of Database 2 (5.6MB) - Set "B" of Database 3 (5.8MB) - Set "B" of Database 4

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