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     Department of Computer Science and Engineering
     University of Bologna, Campus di Cesena

     Via Macchiavelli, 47521 - Cesena (FC) - ITALY
     Tel: +39 0547 338808 (room 13)
     Fax: +39 0547 338890



Alessandra Lumini is an Associate Researcher at Department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Bologna. She received a degree in Computer Science from the University of Bologna, Italy, on March 26th 1996. In 2001 she received her Ph.D. degree for her work on "Image Databases". Now she is an Associate Researcher at University of Bologna. She is a member of the Biometric Systems Lab and of the Smart City Lab. She is interested in Biometric Systems, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Image Databases, Multidimensional Data Structures, Digital Image Watermarking, Bioinformatics.

Research interests

Biometric Systems -- Biometric Systems are automated methods of verifying or recognizing the identity of a living person on the basis of some physiological characteristics, like a fingerprint or iris pattern, or some aspects of behavior, like handwriting or keystroke patterns.

Image Database Systems -- An image database (IDB) is a system in which a large amount of image data and their related information are integratedly stored and managed.
Major objectives of an IDB are efficient storage, powerful retrieval capability, flexible data manipulation, efficient indexing.

Bioinformatics -- Bioinformatics is a branch of biological science which deals with the study of methods for storing, retrieving and analyzing biological data, such as nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) and protein sequence and structure. and so on, function, pathways and genetic interactions. It requires experience from differents fildes ranging from image processing and pattern recognition to machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining.

Image Generation -- Pindar is an application to computer image generation by Petri Nets. The basic idea is to translate the evolution of a Petri Net into a graphic output The resulting images exhibit a certain analogy with fractals.

Digital Image Watermarking -- A digital watermark is an identification code, permanently embedded into digital data, carrying information pertaining to copyright protection and data authentication

Information Systems -- Information System is a collection of resources and methodologies for retrieving, managing and exchanging informations. Database systems are a tool for the computer-aided management of large, formatted collections of data.
"Knowledge is of two kinds: we know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it."

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Selected Publications

  • A. Lumini and L. Nanni "Overview of the combination of biometric matchers" Information Fusion , vol.33, pp.71-85, January 2017.
  • J. Galbally, R. Cappelli, A. Lumini, D. Maltoni and J. Fierrez-Aguilar " Fake Fingertip Generation from a Minutiae Template " in proceedings 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2008), Tampa, Florida, USA, pp.1-4, December 2008.
    IBM Best Student paper award at ICPR2008.
  • R. Cappelli, A. Lumini, D. Maio and D. Maltoni, "Fingerprint Image Reconstruction from Standard Templates", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence, vol.29, no.9, pp.1489-1503, September 2007.
  • L. Baldacci, M. Golfarelli, A. Lumini and S. Rizzi, "Clustering Techniques for Protein Surfaces" , Pattern Recognition, vol.39, no.12, pp.2370-2382, December 2006.
  • A. Lumini and L. Nanni, "A Clustering Method for Automatic Biometric Template Selection " Pattern Recognition, vol.39, no.3, pp.495-497, March 2006.
  • R. Cappelli, A. Lumini, D. Maio and D. Maltoni, "Fingerprint Classification by Directional Image Partitioning", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analisys Machine Intelligence, vol. 21, no. 5, pp. 402-421, 1999.
  • A. Lumini and D. Maio, "Image generation by Petri nets", Machine GRAPHICS & VISION, Vol. 7 (1998), Nos. 1/2 . Special issue: Proc. 5th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Image Processing (GKPO'98), Borki (Poland) May 1998.
    Best paper award at GKPO'98.
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