Matteo Golfarelli

Full Professor, Ph.D.
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Bologna
Via dell'UniversitÓ, 50, 47521
47521, Cesena (FC) - ITALY

Room 4140 (2nd Floor)

Tel: +39 0547 338 862

Short biography

I graduated in Computer Science at the University of Bologna in 1995 and then I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - DEIS in 1998. The Ph.D. thesis covered the topic of Autonomous Agents. I joined DISI on july 2000 and now I am a Full Professor at Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna, Cesena. My main research interests are in Business Intelligence and Machine Learning. For more information, please refer to the complete CV and publication list (updated march 2020) or on line.

Research Interests

I am co-leader of the Business Intelligence Group at the University of Bologna.
We study the architectures, techniques and methodologies aimed at extracting value from data in the most diverse business contexts.
The innovation brought by data ranges from the digital transformation of business operational processes, to the adoption of artificial intelligence techniques for the extraction of knowledge and the automation of the most advanced processes, passing through the study of optimized algorithms for data extraction and analysis.
We carry out both theoretical researches and practical studies, with the awareness that without the former there is no real innovation and that without the latter there is no real technology transfer. We are driven by curiosity and often deviate from our core research area to work on problems that emerge from the projects and business contexts we face.

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